Are you truly Serious about making your dreams come true? Are you Sincere about finding a Beautiful, Sincere, Compatible,
Passionate, Loving, and Lifetime Partner?

If you are, then clear your calendar because you are personally invited to join us on our next exciting romance / Singles Vacation tour to Barranquilla
for the most thrilling time of your life. We have arranged five+ days & nights filled with Hundreds and Hundreds of the most Beautiful, Romantic & Sincere Ladies you will ever want to meet. 

Let me ask you a question?

Have you ever imagined being in a room surrounded by the most Beautiful Ladies in the world???
On our most recent tour we had over “500+” Beautiful Latin women vs. only 15 Lucky gentlemen! Figure those odds! No one delivers more than Barranquilla Beauties & I Love Latins!
These Beautiful Ladies have been dreaming of meeting a sincere gentleman just like you. Are you Serious about finding a lifetime winning partner? We can & will make it happen for you.
For this moment, you are the guest of honor.
You are the celebrity they have all heard about, you are like the most famous person on earth. North American men have a reputation amongst the ladies of Barranquilla as some of the most desirable & respected men on earth.

            These ladies are truly interested in your sincerity & finding the right partner for a lifetime of happiness together. Isn't that what you are looking for too?!
These ladies are not only Beautiful on the outside; they are also more Beautiful on the inside than any other lady that you have ever met in your entire life.
They can be your best friend, lover, companion, they will take better care of you better than any one has ever taken care of you in your whole life.
They just want to share your life with you & together, you could be the one of the happiest couples on this earth! Isn’t that what you have been dreaming about all of your life?! Take Action Now
& It Will Happen with Barranquilla Beauties!

*What would that really be worth to you??? Living out your life with the most Beautiful, loving, faithful, romantic & sincere woman on earth!!!


*Read Proverbs 31:10-31 and see why we started "I Love Latins & Barranquilla Beauties"!
We are so very, very thankful that we both had a
dream & a strong desire to take action on our dream of meeting & sharing our life with the right person.
We both went through this exciting & we do mean exciting process of meeting each other using this exact process, which we are now presenting to you today!
I have had the pleasure of talking to most of you over the phone & now we are personally inviting you on the same truly life changing journey as Consuelo & I took only a short while ago. “You Will Love It and Thank Us Forever!”
            "Our goal in life is to help others find the same love, happiness & true friendship in life that we have been so blessed to have in our lives, Always remember we did it 1st!."
*”When you have the Courage to Go For Your Dreams, I Love Latins Will Deliver for You Too, as we have done for 100% of our clients”

            Keep dreaming for a few more seconds with me; just imagine how much happier, friendlier, safer & more productive this whole world would be if we each had our own best friend, companion, & lifetime partner to share all of our hopes, goals, work load & dreams with?!

            Now you can wake up, it’s not a dream! This can all happen to you, If you are Serious & ready to do your part by completing the attached reservation form & mailing it in today with your best photos & bio (telling the ladies about yourself).

The Barranquilla Beauties & I Love Latins agency has proven itself & has done all of the hard work for you to make your dream a very exciting reality! Now It Is Up to You!!!
Complete your reservations Online in “1” minute Today or send in with only $895.00 when paid in full 60+ days in advance of your tour,
then email us your best photos, bio / data & we will include your men’s listing “FREE” for One Full Year! (Saving you $900.00), Plus send your list of 10-15 ladies names and code #s.

*You Will Love This Life Changing Process!

Any questions? Fell Free to Call the owners, Sam & Consuelo Smith Today 281-481-0036!

            Think about it; this can be the fresh new start you have always wanted.
You have worked hard & we know it’s time you deserve a break, in fact it’s our goal to give you the greatest vacation of your entire life!
We have so many Beautiful women ready to meet you, plus we have many other well-planned activities to help you meet the woman of your dreams.
This can be the happiest & most rewarding part of your life, but now it’s totally up to you!
Take a look at our new, exciting and informative website see the happy smiling faces & then realize this could be you very soon.
Complete your reservation form & mail it in today with your check, cash, money order or complete credit card information for Only $895.00 or
$1,095.00 and get “2 tours for 1 price”
(Hotel and airfare not included), (*Tour fee will be going up soon, save $$, get yours in Today!)


Remember this is for a limited number of gentlemen only, 1st come, 1st served only, so get your reservations in today!
Upon receiving your reservation & complete payment we will then send your personal itinerary,
plus we will give you the number to the hotel & encourage you to call them directly so that you can get the lowest rate available
& you can put it on your credit card! We do not make a penny from charging you anything extra & we will prove it in every way. Again, Our only goal is to help you achieve yours!

*Go pack your bags, bring your camera & plenty of film, you will not want to miss anything!
Call your favorite travel agent for the best airline fares to BAQ or look on the websites to save you $$$!!!

You may call us directly with any questions @ 281-481-0036 or cell 832-385-4161, since we have been there & done it all.
We may have a few extra helpful suggestions to help make this the greatest singles vacation, the most incredible time & life-changing event of your life!

Check out our website at or e-mail me personally at

There is no other company or service that will help you now & in the future, the way we will, that’s a promise!!!
The most Beautiful women on earth are waiting for you in Barranquilla! Now it’s up to you!!! Go For Your Dreams,
The Rewards Are Awesome, We Know it, & we will be delighted to Help You; Sam & Consuelo Smith

We also would like to offer you a “FREE” Men’s Personal Listing, “FREE for ONE FULL YEAR”!!!
It will be displayed on our ladies website where thousands of ladies will have a chance to correspond directly with you! Imagine getting letters & photos
from beautiful women that will write to you first! Our regular price is $125. But if you complete your tour reservation form & we receive it with complete payment
*60 days before your tour date *It will be FREE!!! (Should you not want to join us on the tour, you are still welcome to apply for a men’s personal listing with us by completing this form & mailing it in with your best 2-3 photos & $125.00)  


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